Friday, June 9, 2017

Hawksville Cay, Exuma Land and Sea Park

Hawksbill Cay is the last major anchorage of the Exuma Land and Sea Park not visited by White Pepper. Located about half way between the popular stops of Shroud Cay and Waderwick Wells, Hawksbill is easy to skip. However, it has its own charms. White Pepper left Black Point and easily made Hawksbill after a pleasant sail. We picked up a mooring ball.

Southern Anchorage at Hawksbill Cay

Hawksbill has spectacular snorkeling, but the wind was too high to let us snorkel. Rather we explored the small island. There were several small beaches. The highest point of the island is marked by a large cairn and has a short trail. The view from the cairn is amazing.

 Selfie at the cairn

View from the cairn looking west, White Pepper on a mooring

The highlight of the visit was a trip up the tidal creek that pierces the island from the banks to close to the ocean. After landing the dingy Jan and I bush bashed through the palmettos for about a quarter of a mile to the Atlantic beach. After visiting the beach we got lost on the way back to the dingy and had to bash a fresh trail. The trip made me marvel at what a life the loyalist settlers must have had when they briefly inhabited this island in the late 18th century.

 Tidal creek near high tide

 Eastern side of Hawksbill

 Looking back to the west over the creek

 Atlantic side of Hawksbill after a short bush bash

Exiting the creek

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